Developer of Counselor Education

DCE Mission:

To equip each counselor in our council with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively minister to each boy in their cadre, and to effectively carry out the club and council leadership roles to which they are elected or appointed.

So, workshops can be based on 3 areas with possible workshop ideas listed below:

1. Knowledge and Skills

         Badges and Crafts: Chemistry

         Guide Trail: Wild Edible Plants

         Camporee Shelter Building

         Cadet-O-Rama Presentations

2. Effective Ministry (Council->Club->Cadre->Individual)

         Teaching the Bible as History

         Making the Bible Relevant

         Motivating Boys (really!)

         Team Building

3. Filling Cadet Leadership Roles

         Leadership Structure (who is who and what they do)

         Developing Leadership Characteristics

         The Art of Recruiting Counselors

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